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Character Design - Robot

Model, Rig, Texture, Lighting, Render, and Animation in Maya

Nova 923


Floating Animation Cycle

Model Turn Around

Rigged Expression Examples

Concept Drawings (see DIGITAL SKETCH for more Space Camp)

The Juke


Object Design

Model, Rig, Texture, Lighting, Render in Maya

The Juke was displayed at the Orlando Science Museum in order to educate children on the mechanics of a music box.

Chloe - Teacher


Character Design

Model, Lighting, Render in Maya

Jennaysia and Jamarion Twins


Character Design

Model, Animation, Lighting, Render in Maya

Sir Albert McGregor


Character Design

Model, Rig, Texture, Lighting, Render in Maya



Object Design

Model, Lighting, Texture, Render in Maya


Rachael Jaye Schulz

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